Monthly Beauty Buys Haul -Skincare,Nail Paints+more

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Another month ends and we are on the last month of this year which is absolutely crazy. I did not do last months haul which I am gonna include products in this one. 

Maybelline Nudes palette –

I totally forgot to include it in the picture. But I am absolutely loving it rightnow. I have used it a couple of times and it is the one product you must have and should try out .


So I ran out of my body wash , I have used a lot before and this time I decided to get this one . Guys, tell me if you also switch up your body wash every time you run out of it because you get bored with one fragrance. This particular one smells really good and looks really pretty so , yaa I decided to give this one a go!

Vov nailpaints –

If you guys have read my Chit-Chat life update post then guys must be knowing that I had my brother’s wedding the previous month and a got a lot of outfits so , matching to the outfit,i mean the color of the outfit! I had bought nailpaints too. So I got a bright orange one and a navy blue one which I din’t applied at any of the functions as I ran out of nail paint remover lol !

Maybelline color show nailpaint –

I broke the basic black one that I had from Maybelline so I got another one because you know, it’s always good to have a classic and basic black one.

Streetwear lipstick – very vampire 

I have loved the colors they had so I tried this one on and had to get it . Guys , I admit the fact that I am very bad at making excuses for buying makeup😂

Miss Claire matte lip cream –

One of the most gorgeous lip color I own . It’s pretty , it’s beautiful. It’s somewhere between red and pink and I am in love with it. It’s shade 42 , in my previous post, I have a swatch of this.

Products I Have Been Loving❤+Mini Reviews

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So, after being away for a little while I clearly haven’t shared the products which I loved using this and the past month and am still loving. Today I’ve included all the products from skincare to makeup to my favourite nailpaint basically everything. 

Skincare –

Let’s start with skincare as there are 2 products I’ve been really loving.

Greenleaf Aloe Vera gel –

I have recently reviewed it and guys it’s BOMB !!!! I love it, I use it every single day. It’s light, not visible or greasy. It’s very moisturising and perfect to slather on before makeup or just like a moisturiser. I have also mentioned many ways to use it in that blog post do head over to my blog to read it all.
Ponds triple vitamin lotion –

I recently ran out of my fab India one and then I had to use it but guys I’ve been obsessed. It stays on for really long and is super moisturising. A must try for these winters.

Makeup –

Maybelline nudes palette –

My new love for every occasion. From wedding functions to everyday. I have used it a lot lately and I’ve been totally loving how my looks turn out with this one.

Studiowest Maya blush –

Omg !!!! I can’t stress enough on how amazing this little baby is . Okay I got too excited here ! No but guys seriously it makes any look pop out beautifully. Please do try it out guys. 

Colorbar Waterproof eyeliner –

You guys already know how much I like this one. This is included in my everyday makeup routine as well. I love it so much. Only problem is the brush that’s a bit hard to work with especially if you are just starting with makeup.

Streetwear lipstick in the shade rubby russet 

Perfect nude ! I love this to pair it up with my smokey eye looks or natural makeup looks. This is a beautiful nude , it’s that”my lips but better” color .

Miss Claire matte lip cream in the shade 42 

A perfect everyday winter shade.  It’s a shade which is a bit pink , red and a bit of maroon . It’s gorgeous shade guys . My mom , bestie and myself are obsessed with this one. I highly recommend it. The formula , shade everything is great on the price they offer.

Miss Claire eyebrow stick –

I have been loving this . The brown is pretty and gives a natural look also it comes with a brush so perfect!!!

Lotus herbals color kick kajal –

This kajal is amazing for everyday and stays on for a quality of time. 

Color fever lip pencil in the shade sandy pink –

I use this every single day and guys this shade is pure heaven. I love this . It was very cheap yet the quality is very good and the shade is amazing. What else do we need?!

Shade names in order-

Streetwear rubby russet 

Miss Claire lip cream 42

Color fever lip bomb pencil in sandy pink

Nailpaint –

Studiowest nail paint in the shade –

Oh my god!!! This shade whenever I’ve put on, I have got so many compliments . This is that perfect BOMB nude shade that you should own. Guys get this ! The quality is very good, shade is to die for. Seriously, all my friends ask me for the shade and everyone loves it . Trust me, you gotta have this . Super highly recommended .

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Blogging Schedule!!!!

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So in the previous post I gave you guys an update on what’s been going on and why I haven’t been posting regularly like before. By the way if you haven’t read that post then it’s right here –click here to read

 The New schedule is right here –

Every Monday and Sunday my regular beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts will go up .

But sometimes I can surprise you guys with bonus posts in the middle of the week once I get things sorted with my studies and other things.

Thank you so much for being there , you guys are wonderful readers .

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Life Update Chit-Chat| soul talk series❤

Hello there,

How are you all ? I know I havent posted for about a month but guys i have loads to tell you guys about where i have been and what i have been doing .

So the last time I posted was 15th of october . It was my brothers wedding in the first week of this month. so if you are not an indian let me tell you indian weddings are almost like 5 to 6 functions in a week so , before 15th i had my exams and after that i realised that oh my gosh ! i havent shopped for the wedding at all so i had to figure out what i wanted for each function then the jewellery and type of footwear then the hardest part getting it like figuring out where to buy stuff from so, we had a short one day Delhi trip there i luckily got my 2 outfits but where i live i literally had to miss my classes sometimes just to go hunt an outfit for myself to wear . it was hectic and tiring . and after that i had my fittings and stuff to make my outfit proper so had to run around for that too . we also had dance practices for about 10 days i guess so i performed on 7 songs so it was pretty hectic for me . i was running on a very little sleep and doing all of the stuff with my school and also my classes after that.

Coming on the health part I again had an anxiety attack one day during my dance practices and oh my god it was had to handle and i literally left the practices that day and came home and it lasted for about an hour or so, it was terrific as hell !!!

for my studies I have projects to complete and also i have started getting a bit on track with my studies . I have been making it a point to study everyday also I have my exams coming up in december so that’s a bit nahhh!

coming to blogging, guys I will have a lot of interesting posts up soon . also i will update you guys with a blogging schedule by today so watch out for that , by the evening it will be up and thank you guys a lot for being around .

I hope you guys liked this chit-chat post and got and update on things . Thank you so much for reading !!!!!





Brihans Aloe Vera Skin Gel Review + Ways To Use It !

Hello there,

Today I have a review of an exciting product which is my current favourite rightnow. I absolutely love the Brihans Aloe Vera Gel . The review will tell you all the reasons for me raving about it . Also guys , I highly suggest you to try this brand out as the products great and the quality is really good. I have tried out some products and the reviews will be up super soon so get excited for them.
Disclaimer – The product was sent to me by the brand itself but the review is based on my own honest opinions.

Price -100 rupees 

Quantity -120g. I think the quantity you get for such an affordable price is amazing. Guys , you just need a little bit and this tub will last you for a long time .

Packaging – It is a transparent round, plastic container with white lid. It is really travel friendly , simple and quite good packaging. Also as it’s transparent you can see how much product you are left with.

Texture -It is a gel so it has the typical gel consistency like it is suppose to have.It is easily bendable due to its gel like consistency.

Finish – I use it as a moisturiser too and guys the finish is quite flawless and gives the skin the look and finish of nourishment. 

Fragrance – The fragrance is lovely, the first time I smelled it, I was like wow ! It has a better fragrance than the other Aloe Vera gels you get out there.

Ways to use it –

Use it as a moisturiser, sunscreen.

It can be used as a primer too.

It is really good for removing makeup.

Use it for your home made face packs , scrubs and more .

It helps in decreasing pigmentation and dark spots.

It can be used as a hair conditioner.

Also it is good in treating acne , rashes,minor skin eruptions, sunburn ,minor cuts , wounds and skin allergies.

These are just some amazing ways in which you can use it.

Overall – It’s an essential for me now . I will definitely buy it after I finish my current one . It has replaced my moisturiser. I use it daily as I have combination skin and it helps to balance it out. I definitely recommend you guys to buy it . It will last you for a long time , the packaging is really good. It is affordable, the fragrance is amazing and you can use it for so many things . I think we should all have Aloe Vera gel at all times and I highly recommend you guys this one .

Buy here –

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Beauty News – New Makeup Launches + Discounts 

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I did a “beauty news” post quite some while ago and you guys seemed to really like it so I thought of doing it time to time as some new releases comes in the makeup world . So all products you need to look out for are right here . Also I am gonna share websites that currently have discounts going on and also when and where is the new nyx store opening in India. 

Maybelline has some new launches coming up which includes some contouring products, vivid matte lipsticks, 24hr staying lip colors and lasting drama gel eyeliner. I’m super excited!!!

Loreal also has quite a few launches 12hr matte magique foundation , false lashe mascara which also has a primer on one side , liner magique and also a bronzer .

Loreal also has there new illuminate and shine range which has shimmer bricks , foundation and eyeshadow palette all with shimmer .

Faces has also got some liquid highlighters and also a bronzer and a highlighter in powder form.

Nyx store is launching in noida at logix city mall on 15th October.

Also nykaa is having huge sale going on so do check it out!

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New Favourite Makeup Base?! Faces CC Cream Review 

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I love writing reviews for you guys especially when the product has become one of my favourites. It’s review time for the faces cc cream. It was given to me by my best friend’s sister as according to her it din’t suit her oily skin but after testing it out for a good time now I am gonna share whether it’s actually good for you or not . 

Price -399

Quantity -35 ml

Texture – It has a mouse like texture which makes it easy to blend.

Packaging – I absolutely love the packaging, it’s a black tube with a black lid and is made up of plastic so it’s really handy to pop into your purse .

Finish – Dewy and natural finish.

Shades available – 2 shades are available natural and sand . 

Is the product upto it’s claims ?- it claims to prime , perfect and protect.

Now , coming to the answer yes , BIG YES it does fulfills all the claims . You can use it underneath your foundation and concealer to even out the skin tone and to prime it. Also it has non-oily formula that gives dwey finish and is made with organic ingredients which provides unique anti aging action which ensures long term skin benefits ( as mentioned on the tube ) Now I have noticed that it does not harms the skin and actually gives a really good finish . It protects the skin too as it has SPF 20 so we are sorted on the protection part of it too.

Is it good for your skin type ?- it suits every skin type I have combination skin type and I have tested it out when I was having quite oily skin and when my skin got dry so it worked out great in both the cases but as I told you in the beginning that my friend’s sister told me that it melted away in the sun and all of that do guys she has extremely oily skin so if you have that too try it out from the store first and then test it out for yourselfs but as far as I can tell you it will most probably suit your skin type.

Overall – I absolutely am In love with this product, it’s my new favourite makeup base and the finish is amazing you can use it everyday too and underneath your other makeup bases too. It is absolutely worth a try so, do try it out guys you’ll love it.

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